About us

Helvien is a small company in Odorheiu Secuiesc, that started in 2002 and it already has shops in Târgu Mureş, Odorheiu Secuiesc and Braşov by now.

The persistently growing team works as one in order to revitalize the oldest cultural traditional inheritance, the Szekler and Hungarian wear and make it stylish for today’s people.

The plain- and genteel costumes come to live by many handmade purfled, decorating works in a fashion shape, that is adequate  all demands of nowadays: trimmings, strings, lace-work, noble materials, the combination of old and recent cutting lines create together the original and elegant style of the costumes.

Helvien permanently seeks to make high quality work, by raising the old time spirit of withered ages. Our supply has a variety of colorful palette: you can find Bocskai, Kazinczy sleeved suits, many variations of traditional Hungarian vestments for woman and men, wedding dresses and special occasion dresses in Hungarian style, traditional Szekler and Hungarian shirts, baize waistcoats, and whirly dancing skirts.

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